Fashion tip

-Body shape: inverted triangle, or apple shaped, petite, big upper body
– how to wear: accentuate waist, reduce bust, enhance hip.
– what to avoid:

  • print bigger than your fist
  • tube
  • Ankle strap shoes
  • belt at the belly.
  • tops that end at your hip bones.

– What is preferred:

  • one color, warm tone
  • petite, vintage
  • interesting upper body to draw attention away from the belly. Wear tops that draw attention away from your legs: V-necks, small shoulder blouse, bright colors, neck-line.
  • dress is preferred to skirt (not to make a broken line)
  • flare, A-line, V-neck, wrap dress, mid-rise, dark color top, bright color bottom, Jean straight cut, mid rise,
  • High-waist, empire
  • Platform

– what to wear :

  • Underwear: right size bra, slimming underwear
  •  Accessories : low rise belt, just below breast, not at the belly
  • Swim wear: one piece
  • Skirt: A line skirt, flare skirt, do not stop at the biggest part of the body. Length: slightly above knee or angle length. zip at the side or the back (draw attention away from your belly).
  • Shoes: platform, no angle straps
  • Pant: -Wide-leg pants: cover your shoes. No crop pants (lat lai).  low-waist –> not stop at the biggest part of your belly.
  • Jean: mid-rise, slight curvy, boot cut, dark color, no wash, with pocket, pointed downward, the rear is rear is higher than the front, embracing your butt.
  • Jacket: empire, smallest right below breast, flare, and leave them unbuttoned, sleeve end at your finger tips when arms are at your side
  • Top: no top shorter than your hip bones, no big print, no tube, wear camisole if the top is not long enough to cover the intersection of your pants.
  • Belt: just below breast, not at the belly

How to make you look thinner:

– Grey is better than black
– Horizontal print makes you look thinner.
– It is OK to mix print and patterns. Don’t mix with more than 2 colors.
– Blue navy can go with green, brown can go with black.


How to avoid muffin top

– Wear well-fitted pants. Wear mid-rise, enough room, just at the waist line
– Wear camisole to cover your section if the top is not long enough
– Wear skirts with bigger waist bands.


Perfect wardrobe:

– Little black dress (just make sure it’s a solid color) + simple elegant shoes
– Plain dark jeans (no fade) that can wear up and down.
– Crisp, white button-down shirt
– Black all-season pants that can wear with sweater, jacket or shirt, blouse,
– White T-shirts: V-neck, U-neck, long and short sleeves
– Black skirt: knee-length, A-line
– Trench coat


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